Don’t Mess With Plumbing Disasters This Summer!

3 Tips to Avoid Plumbing Problems This Summer

People want to spend their much-deserved and beloved summer months enjoying the sun, relaxation, vacations, and more. They don’t want to spend the season cleaning up a mess and paying for costly repairs after plumbing problems occur. Homeowners can avoid some plumbing disasters with good habits, and this blog post will share some tips to prevent and catch plumbing issues before they cause too much damage.

Look Out for Leaks

water meter to check for leaksA water leak can lead to massive water damage to a home and high water bills. Fortunately, this damage and the effects of a leak can be limited if homeowners can spot the signs of plumbing leaks as soon as possible. Some signs of a leak people need to be aware of are puddles or wet areas in the house or the yard, musty odors, and higher than usual water bills without increasing water usage.

Homeowners should also listen for the sound of water running when all the plumbing fixtures and water-using appliances are turned off, as this can also indicate a leak. To check for leaks, homeowners can use their water meters. Once a leak is suspected, a plumber should be called to locate and repair it to prevent further damage and costs.

No Grease or Cooking Oil Should Be Put Down Drains

no grease or cooking oil down drainsAn easy way to avoid plumbing issues is by not pouring cooking oil or grease down the drain. This might seem obvious, but residents can easily forget, especially when grilling or cooking in the summer. Putting grease or cooking oils down the drain can result in blockages in the drains, clogged sewer lines, damage to the plumbing system, and even a burst pipe caused by a clog because once they cool and solidify, they can collect other debris and form tough clogs.

Homeowners can help avoid these problems and clogs by putting the cooking oils and grease in a heat-safe container until it is completely cooled and solidified and then throwing it away in the garbage. Besides grease and cooking oil, it’s important not to treat the home’s drains and toilets like a trash can because it’s a bad habit that can cause many issues for the plumbing.

Routine Maintenance and Drain Cleaning

Another simple way to prevent significant plumbing issues is by scheduling routine maintenance and drain cleaning services. Preventative drain cleaning services will help eliminate debris and buildups in the pipes that cause clogs, preventing future clogs and the issues they can cause.

Additionally, routine plumbing maintenance is essential for keeping a home’s plumbing system functioning correctly. It helps prevent major issues and can save time, money, and hassle in the long run. Regular maintenance can help spot potential problems before they become bigger and more expensive issues, and any problems detected during a plumbing inspection can be addressed quickly before becoming more significant issues down the line. Additionally, regularly scheduled maintenance services can extend a plumbing system’s life by ensuring that it is working optimally.

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