Sell us your Tank! The Plumb Tite Tank Buy Back Program

Sell Us Your Tank, Yes We Really Want It!

(No, not that tank silly: why do you even have that crazy contraption, the gas mileage has to be insane and don’t get me started about trying to
parallel park that beast. No friends, we are talking about paying you big
bucks (up to $600*) for that tanked water heater in your basement that currently semi warms your water some/most of the time.)

Instead of replacing a flawed and failing design that has not changed much since your great-grandparents walked 7 miles straight up a hill both to and from school each day, let our expert and licensed plumbers explain why going tankless has never been smarter or more affordable.

Read more about the Plumb Tite Tank Buy Back and Rinnai Sensei model replacement solution.  Tanks are for grandpa, learn more about the modern replacement that is incredibly efficient  savings up to 25% of your electric bill every single month. Doesn’t it make sense to use something that helps the environment and saves you money?