How You Can Help Prevent Sewer Line Clogs

Ways to Avoid Sewer Line and Drain Clogs

A sewer line clog can cause significant damage to a house and the property and even put a household’s health at risk. Blocked sewer lines can cause slow drains, foul odors, backed-up toilets, and more. Plus, if there is sewage present on the property, it can make family members ill. 

Homeowners can prevent these issues by following tips from plumbers to help prevent sewer line clogs, including scheduling routine drain cleaning services, utilizing mesh drain screens, and knowing what foods cannot go down the sink, even one with a garbage disposal.

Routine Drain Cleaning

cleaningOne of the ways homeowners can prevent clogged sewer lines is to schedule routine professional drain cleaning services. During these appointments, a plumber will remove any buildups in the drains and sewer lines to prevent blockages from forming. These sewer line cleanout services also allow plumbers to clear existing clogs.

Using drain cleaning, professionals can also clear large obstructions in the lines, such as those from intruding tree roots. Plumbers can use specialized methods for preventative drain cleaning and to remove tough clogs, like hydro jet drain cleaning. Plumbers can also look for signs of damage in the lines. To locate defects, they may perform sewer video inspections. These non-invasive methods give experts an accurate look into the sewer line. They can identify problems with a sewer line early and schedule repairs before the damage worsens. 

Use Mesh Drain Screens

meshOne of the common causes of blocked sewer lines is debris that goes down the drain. This can include hair, food particles, and even soap scum. Fortunately, homeowners can easily avoid these substances from going down the drains by installing mesh drain screens. 

Adding mesh screens catches these items before they go down the drains and form clogs, and they can be used in all sorts of drains, like those in showers, bathtubs, and sinks. These mesh drain screens can be easily installed and quickly cleaned by homeowners.

Don’t Put Food Scraps Down the Drain

Putting the wrong types of food down the drain, even ones with garbage disposals can lead to clogs. Homeowners may mistakenly think they can put any food waste down the kitchen sink when they have a garbage disposal, but putting the wrong foods down the drain can cause blockages.

Some of the common foods and substances households should avoid putting down the drain to help prevent clogging include:

  • Any cooking oils, fats, or grease
  • Coffee grounds 
  • Eggshells 
  • Pasta and rice 
  • Stringy foods and vegetables  
  • Bones

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